About me

Hey, I am Kaylen, the recipe developer at kayscleaneats.com. Here we make healthy, family-friendly, delicious meals! As a busy mom of 4, I understand the need for quick and easy nourishing meals!

What originally began as an Instagram page to share my food as a means to connect with others while home after my second child was born has now turned into kayscleaneats.com! A labor of love with the best rewards. I turned to blogging during the pandemic, and that’s when we truly hit the ground running.

We make healthy dishes that never sacrifice flavor here at kayscleaneats.com. I have some pretty tough food critics around here, so rest assured the food will pack flavor. I take a fuss-free approach for any level cook.

I grew up in orange county, a swimmer all the way through college. I studied biology and psychology, and now I food blog! Life works out in the best ways possible, even when we don’t know it. Now I still reside in orange county with my four kids and husband. Life is crazy with 4 little ones, and I must say welcome to the circus; it is wild, fun, messy, and loving! There is no judgment here. We are always doing the best we can! My cooking is my love and passion; it started as an outlet and a way to connect with others when I was a new mother with no friends and it blossomed into a community I am forever grateful for.

Let me help you create recipes the whole family will love ❤️

Food Philosophy

My food philosophy has changed so much since having kids… I like to think that it forced me to become balanced. I don’t have an all-or-nothing approach. Balance truly trumps all for us. I believe in clean eating with whole foods. Shopping seasonally and preparing our own food is the best way to know what goes in your body. I love making simple healthy swaps, buying organic when possible, and using good oils. At the end of the day, we all ]do our best, which is enough.