Apple Pie Smoothie

This Apple Pie Smoothie is beyond delicious, it’s sweet and full of apple pie spice flavor! Made with wholesome ingredients this smoothie is so sweet and perfectly creamy.  I am in a pie craze phase in the middle of summer, haha, blaming it on my pregnancy! What baby wants baby gets! As much as I … Read more

Papaya Dream Smoothie

Papaya Dream Smoothie is perfect for these hot summer days, cool of with this sweet and refreshing smoothie. Made with fresh ripe papaya this is also great for digestion! I LOVE papaya, I fell in love with the fruit down in Mexico, nothing truly compares to Mexican papaya. I love it so much I have … Read more

Pregnancy Blueberry Smoothie

This Pregnancy Blueberry Smoothie is loaded with nutritious and filling ingredients for mama and baby! If it wasn’t for smoothies, soups, and stews this baby would be living off bagels in the first trimester! Smoothies go down easy and are full of nutrition anyone can enjoy, but especially for all my pregnant mamas out there! … Read more