Blood Orange Tart

This blood orange tart is a springtime favorite.  Made with fresh blood orange juice and a chocolate gram crust this is such a delicious dessert.  Blood oranges are truly some of the most beautiful citruses around! The inside is always a surprise some or light pink some or deep purple, you never knew what you … Read more

Lemon Curd Tart {Easy & Delicious}

This creamy lemon curd tart is the perfect balance of sweet lemony perfection. Made with coconut cream this is truly is the best dessert for any lemon lover.  When life gives you lemons make this delicious lemon curd tart. It’s every lemon lover’s dream. Its the perfect no-bake summer sweet treat. My oldest is not … Read more

The Best Vegan Dark Chocolate Tart

This Vegan Dark Chocolate Tart is by far the most delicious chocolate tart I have ever tasted. Made with wholesome ingredients this is an ultra decadent and velvety chocolate treat for any chocolate lover! This is an easy recipe that everyone can enjoy it is both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Easy to make with a handful … Read more