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baked chicken legs (drumsticks)

Delicious Baked Chicken Legs (Drumsticks)

These easy Baked Chicken Legs will be a hit in your household! Chicken Drumsticks are marinated in the most delicious chimichurri style marinade and then baked to golden brown perfection. This dish is a perfect weeknight meal the whole family will love.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This Buffalo Chicken Dip is sinfully delicious. We also call it crack dip, you can’t get enough. This mouthwatering appetizer is perfect for any special occasion.

Instant pot lentil and sausage soup

Instant Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup

This Instant Pot Lentil and Sausage Soup is so hearty, warming, and delicious. Made with a blend of chicken sausage, veggies, lentils, tomato, and spices to make truly a perfect bowl of soup. Serve it with a freshly toasted baguette and enjoy this delicious soup.